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Programme 11 April

Willem Burger Zaal

09.00-09.15 Opening Ceremony | J. Rotmans

Vascular access overview | Chairs: S. Lawman & J. Malik
09.15-09.35 Epidemiology of renal replacement therapy and vascular accessW. Meichelboeck
09.35-09.55 The natural history of AVFs and consequences for planning of accessT. Wilmink
09.55-10.15 How to manage vascular access in crashlandersT. Lee
10:15-10.35 Past, present and future of vascular accessN. Inston

10.35-11.00 Coffee breakJurriaanse Foyer

From evidence-based medicine towards patient-orientated vascular access care | Chairs: J. Rotmans & V. Mickley
11.00-11.15 Nephrologist perspectiveS. Lawman
11.15-11.30 Surgeon perspectiveM. Lazarides
11.30-11.45 Radiologist perspectiveC. Hohl
11.45-12.00 Patient perspectiveP. West

12.00-13.00 Moderated poster session | Willem Burger Foyer

12.00-13.30 Lunch | Jurriaanse Foyer

Endovascular Interventions | Chairs: J. Ibeas & C. Hohl
13.30-13.50 Drug-eluting balloons and stents for access failure | M. de Haan
13.50-14.10 Vascular access thrombosis: surgical or endovascular intervention?U. Hedin
14.10-14.20 Using Radial approach  in the treatment of early occlusion of distal accesses | L. Novelli
14.20-14.30 Endovascular salvage of non-maturing autologous arteriovenous fistulas by using angioplasty and competitive vein embolization | L. Nauta
14.30-14.40 Initial Experience with the Covera Covered Stent for the Treatment of Dysfunctional or Thrombosed Arterio-Venous Grafts. A Retrospective Analysis of 43 patients | P. Kitrou
14.40-14.50 De-novo and recurrent vascular access stenosis: timing and appropriate treatment | M. Franchin
14.50-15.00 Stent-grafting As First Intervention For Venous Stenosis Impoves Outcomes In Incident Arteriovenous Grafts | A. Isaak

15.00-15.30 Coffee break | Jurriaanse Foyer

Cardiovascular effects of hemodialysis access Chairs: S. Lemson & T. Jemcov
Arteriovenous cardiotoxicityJ. Malik
15.50-16.10 Vascular access management in patients with heart failureR. Roca-Tey
16.10-16.30 Management of vascular access after kidney transplantationK. van der Bogt
Vascular access blood flow suppression surgery improves brain perfusion | K. Hashimoto
16.40-16.50 Early results using pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (pro-BNP) as a biomarker for the efficacy of secondary extension technique (SET) in improving myocardial function in dialysis patients with high flow fistulas | R. Goel
16.50-17.00 Echocardiographic changes in patients with high-flow arteriovenous fistula after flow reducing surgery | A. Valerianova

Vascular access training | Chairs: J. Tordoir & V. Mickley
17.00-17.20 Models and cadavers to train vascular access | M. Widmer
17.20-17.40 How to setup a vascular access education program? K. El Sakka
17.40-18.00 Online dialysis access training | I. Davidson


Jurriaanse Zaal

Outcome of AVF and AVGChairs: S. Shenoy & S. Baktiroglu
11.00-11.20 Alternative autologous access options | M. Kusztal
11.20-11.40 The pros and cons of shunt surveillance | G. Welander
11.40-12.00 Pro/con debate: Are AVFs really superior to AVGs?
                      Pro: AVFs are superior to AVGP. Gibbs
                      Con: AVFs are not superior to AVG | D. Kingsmore

12.00-13.00 Moderated poster session | Willem Burger Foyer

12.00-13.30 Lunch | Jurriaanse Foyer

Tailoring vascular access | Chairs: P. Gibbs & M. Tozzi
13.30-13.50 Vascular access in the elderly | C. Sessa
13.50-14.10 Vascular access cannulation and compression techniques | H. Kawanishi
14.10-14.30 Optimal timing of vascular access creationT. Jemcov
14.30-14.50 Vascular access for home hemodialysis | T. Goovaerts
14.50-15.00 Contemporary outcomes of alternative forearm cephalic vein fistulas (RADAR and Jennings)  G. Sharma

15.00-15.30 Coffee break | Jurriaanse Foyer

Vascular access maturation | Chairs M. Weijmer & N. Inston
15.30-15.50 Pathophysiology of AVF non-maturation T. Lee
15.50-16.10 Clinical benefit of ultrasonography to monitor AVF maturation J. Pajek
16.10-16.30 The role of sidebranches and valves in non-matured AVF S. Shenoy
16.30-16.50 Pre-existing vascular pathology and AVF maturationR. Vazquez-Padron
16.50-17.00 Pre-operative Duplex Ultrasonography in Arteriovenous Fistula Creation: Intra- and Inter-observer Agreement N. Zonnebeld

Basic research in access failure Chairs: T. Lee & S. Lawman
17.00-17.20 Underlying mechanisms of AV access failure | J. Rotmans
17.20-17.40 Hemodynamic factors involved in vascular remodeling of AVFs: what can we learn from physics? | A. Remuzzi
17.40-17.50 Pretreatment with a phosphodiesterase type 5A inhibitor improves adaptive wall remodeling in rat arteriovenous fistula M. Somarathna
17.50-18.00 Towards the identification of the   major hemodynamic determinant in inducing endothelial cell quiescence in arteriovenous fistulae M. Franzoni