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Programme 13 April

Jurriaanse Zaal

Best selected oral abstracts | Chairs: J. Rotmans & P. Gibbs
08.30-08.40  Nitric oxide releasing bionanomatrix gel to promote arteriovenous fistula maturation | M. Somarathna
08.40-08.50  Impact of arterio-venous fistula flow on left ventricular contractility in hemodialysis patients – a cardiac magnetic resonance study | S. Bhagirath 
08.50-09.00  Vascular access and survival rates in older adults: peculiarities of the cause-effect relation | A. Zulkarnaev 
09.00-09.10  An autologous cellularized in vivo engineered vascular graft capable of remodeling to a non-thrombogenic blood vessel upon arteriovenous grafting in adult goats | W.J. Geelhoed
09.10-09.20  Repair of aneurysmal arteriovenous access fistulae: a systematic review and meta-analysis | P. Balaz

Outcome of vascular access | Chairs: J. Ibeas & D. Shemesh
09.30-09.40  Clinical outcomes for hemodialysis access by using Flixene vascular graft | B. He
09.40-09.50  The UK Vascular Access Graft Registry - 3 Years of Data Collection | J. Gilbert
09.50-10.00  Preliminary results of physical fav trial | I. Aragoncillo Sauco 
10.00-10.10  Incidence and survival of arteriovenous fistulae through 38 years. A national Danish cohort study | K. Lindhard
10.10-10.20  Long-term outcomes of hemodialysis vascular access in the Dutch Vascular Access Study | B. Voorzaat
10.20-10.30  Arteriovenous Fistula in Diabetic Patients | L. Murray

10.30-11.00 Coffee break | Jurriaanse Foyer

Voting session: clinical cases | Chairs: M. Widmer
11.00-11.15 Clinical case 1 | M. Snoeijs
11.15-11.30 Clinical case 2 | K. van der Bogt
11.30-11.45 Clinical case 3 | H. Hamid
11.45-12.00 Clinical case 4 | F. Dengu

12.00-12.15 Announcement VAS 2021 congress

12.15-12.30 Closing Ceremony